Our services




We take care of prompt pro-forma disbursement account advice; vessel arrival/departure duty formalities assurance and scheduling with all parties concerned; we make daily reports on the current status of cargo operations, situation on the loading berth; we coordinate L / C with all parties concerned; we provide systematic control, monitor cargo operations and execute SOF/NOR. We arrange all port services and keep other involved parties informed to avoid downtime and to ensure prompt and quickest processing of the vessel; we represent and protect crew and ship owners’ interests during delegation of relevant authorities from the principals to a third party when resolving disputes, as well as in court; we coordinate the surveyor services; we process cargo documents and distribute vessel and cargo related documents via mail, post, fax; we take care of photo and video documentation, including online monitoring upon request; we find best solutions for traditional ship owners orders, including food, fresh water, fuel, technical materials, electronic equipment, spare part and other supply; we make over-all crew support.


We carry out selection of vessel for purchase or of shipowner for sale and selection of vessel for charter or of operator for delivery of vessel into charter/operation; we take care of insurance of vessels and liability of shipowners; we provide presentation of interest in customs procedures.


We carry out cargo logistics and custom processing services; in-port and out-port forwarding; internal customs transit and warehousing; provide survey services, insurance and maintenance and consulting. We operate in the Klaipeda State Sea port and organize delivery of cargo by any time of transport; we calculate and pay custom payments and assist in returning of overpaid payments; we provide legal support of cargoes if necessary; we have certified experts and pre-shipment inspectors in port or warehouse; we implement comprehensive solutions for consolidation/warehousing; we help to select the optimal insurance company and reduce logistics costs. We collect and process custom documents; coordinate of customs value and services for the organization and execution of a procedure for minimizing risks; we guarantee customer‘s interests in the functional departments of customs; We assume responsibility in solving all issues when importing or exporting goods, so that the terms of customs processing will suit every client. Our licensed specialists take into account all the nuances.


We carry out delivery of cargoes to any city of the Lithuanian Republic, other EU countries or world wide. We help with container shipments, motor transport, rail way, sea (freight transportation) and small cargo delivery. We work with all modes of transport on 24/7 basis; select the optimal route; seek minimum terms of transportation; provide information about cargo movement in the on-line mode and rates up to 6 hours from inquiry; have direct contract with Lithuanian Railways and work at minimum tariffs; have specialists with more than 15 years of experience.